Looking for a flooring solution that effortlessly combines style and practicality for your interior? Let us introduce you to our premium PVC tiles, a versatile choice that's perfect not just for retail outlets, garages, and workshops, but also for retirement homes and other indoor spaces. With a unique grey-yellow combination, these tiles bring a contemporary touch to any decor, whilst also creating an illusion of ample space, particularly in common areas and corridors.

But there's more to Floors4garage than just aesthetic appeal. Ease of installation and maintenance are integral to our product design. What's more, our PVC tiles can be safely disinfected without causing any damage, making them an excellent choice for maintaining cleanliness. And if you ever need to replace a tile? No worries, it's as easy as pie with our user-friendly design!

Installation details:

ProductFloors4garage Industry
ColourGrey, Yellow, Blue