FORTEMIX LTD (UK) is a proud member of the European Fortemix group, established in 1991. With a team of over 100 employees, we serve customers in more than 45 countries, generating an impressive turnover of over £10 million. Our comprehensive product portfolio includes high-quality floor materials such as PVC tiles, skirtings, ramps, dry cement mixtures, coatings, abrasive materials, roofing tiles, grouts, and screeds.

Our Commitment to Sustainability

At FORTEMIX LTD, we are dedicated to safeguarding our planet for future generations, and we act on this commitment, not just through words but through tangible actions. Recycling is at the core of our operations, as we transform waste into technically advanced, patented materials. This innovative approach allows us to reuse 2,400,000 kg of plastics that would have otherwise been incinerated. By minimizing waste and emissions, we save a staggering 4,396,000 kg of CO2 annually, equivalent to the emissions of nearly 1,000 cars. Furthermore, we conserve 580,000,000 litres of water*. All our tiles are fully recyclable, and we even repurchase our old products to ensure they are properly recycled. Defective pieces also go through the same process. Moreover, our factory is constructed predominantly using recycled materials. By choosing our PVC tiles for your flooring renovation, you contribute to reducing emissions by 80% compared to installing a new concrete floor.

*Calculation based on emissions of 2.1 kg CO2 eq./kg of primary plastic saved, after deducting recycling and processing emissions of 0.268 kg CO2 eq./kg.

**Calculation based on water consumption for producing 242 l/kg of primary plastic, after deducting recycling and processing emissions of 0.268 kg CO2 eq./kg.