The garage, over the years, has been plagued with the problem of excessive dust, a consequence of the deteriorated and weather-ravaged original flooring. The stubborn stains and contaminants, a by-product of vehicular fluids, further tarnished the floor's aesthetic value, leading to an unsightly appearance and occasional minor accidents. 

This predicament led to the decision for a wholesale revamp of the garage floor. Their requirements were clear: swift installation without disrupting the operations, easy maintenance and cleaning, and an enhanced aesthetic appeal. 

The original flooring presented myriad challenges - excessive dust, countless hours spent in cleaning, and a lacklustre visual appeal. Working under such conditions proved untenable, and a solution was urgently sought. The transformation brought about by Floors4garage flooring exceeded expectations and has now become our preferred choice. As the facility owner aptly stated, "This flooring has indeed provided us with the perfect solution."

For the flooring redesign, they selected the popular industry grey coloured tiles, augmented by a diamond finish for a touch of sophistication. To clearly define different zones within the space, they chose vibrant yellow and red coloured tiles. The result was a polished, professional appearance that has undeniably elevated the garage's aesthetic appeal. 


Implementation details

Product: Industry

Area: 120 m2

Design: diamond

Colour: grey, yellow, red

Imprint: no